Sunday, October 18, 2009

Excuses and so much more

Okay, so I missed making my goal for the week, I am suppose to blog a post by Saturday night, but failed this week. I do have excuses though...I promise they are valid excuses too! So here they are......
1. I worked like a 50 hour work week this week because I had a coworker who thought he would take a week long vacation and leave me to tend to his clients. At our office if you are out, another caseworker has to look after your cases and clients. We call it the "buddy system", which I think is funny we call it this because after your "buddy" leaves all of his/her work to take care, the last thing I want to do is call that person my "buddy". This coworker of mine will have a very angry "buddy" to answer to on Monday morning! Nothing was in order with his cases and as luck would have it all of his angry, seriously disturbed clients came to see me! I am pretty sure there will be a butt kicking party tomorrow morning at my office and I am pretty sure that after that he'll never want to take a week long vacation again!So on to exuse #2
2. I felt terrible the whole week due to allergies. Texas and it's ragweed is going to kill me! I don't know how many kleenexes I have used this week, I think I might have to buy stock in the kleenex business! I haven't been able to taste anything but snot for the past week, sorry, most of you probably could have lived without knowing that. I have lived on advil and bendryl for most of the week, leaving me groggy and not able to blog.

Okay, so I am trying to think if there is another excuse, but these are the only 2 I can think of...but they are 2 valid excuses, right???? Anyways, I am trying to be better with this blogging thing.

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Wendy said...

I get allergies like crazy in Idaho! I feel your pain! Sorry to hear about your dilemmas!