Friday, February 8, 2008

St.Louis-"The Gateway to the West'

A couple of weeks ago, Robert and I and another recently married couple in our ward drove to St.Louis to go to the Temple and to do some sight seeing. We are in a really great location by living in Terre Haute. We are only 2 1/2 hours from St. Louis and we are just under 3 hours from Chicago. St. Louis isn't technically our Temple district but more often than not our ward goes to the St.Louis Temple instead of the Louisville, Ky Temple like we're suppose to. St. Louis is actually easier for us to get to and is a bigger Temple which offers more sessions and has a Distribution Center with a waiting room, so for families it makes it alot nicer. Dan and Elona, the other couple we went with got married in october, so it was alot of fun to hang out with "newlyweds" just like ourselves. We had a great time going to the Temple ( which we now realize how lucky we were to live 3 blocks from a Temple in Utah...those of you who live that close...take advantage of it!) , and sight seeing around the city of St.Louis. The last time I was in St. Louis was as a kid and hardly remember going up the Arch when my parents took us, so it was great to experience it again and to do so with my husband! If you are ever in that area it is worth the money and wait to see the view from the top of the Arch. We want to try and get in as much sight seeing in this neck of the woods before Careers and Ph.D. programs take us else where. We are going to Bloomington next week for Stake conference so I'll post pictures from that weekend getaway. Bloomington is a great little city and is home to Indiana University-Go Hoosiers!!!

Here is Robert inside the little car "thing" that takes you up to the top of the Arch .

Robert and I scrunched inside the car "thingy" on our way up to the top.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here comes the Bride and Groom

Everyone needs a good kissing picture!
I was admiring my cute red shoes in this picture.
Such a cute couple, don't you agree? Maybe I
am just biased though.
This is my favorite picture from that day!

So, I have been meaning for the last oh, 5 weeks to post some of our wedding photos to our blog. Heck, I have been meaning to simply update the blog in general, but married life gets busy and takes you in different directions sometimes, especially when you add moving into the equation. Life has finally started to get a routine and lately Robert has been working late with his assistantship for the graduate program and I have been home by myself, so I decided tonight was a great night to update our blog. Lets see to update you all....I think I will just list updates...lists are easier for me.
1. We finally have our small studio apartment set up....word to the wise....NEVER try to move a 3 bedroom house into a studio apartment. It stretches you imagination in ways that will tire you out quickly!
2. They called me to serve in the Young Womens in our ward. I have actually really enjoyed it and the young women keep telling me how "cool and stylish" I am....they are use to having leaders that are twice my age and won't get out and dance with them at the stake dances. Yes, I and Robert chaperoned the stake dance a couple of weeks ago and got out there and danced with them....Robert took our video camera and has me on video doing the YMCA with the youth...if I get brave I'll post the video.
3. I started to have a bad feeling about my job that I accepted before I moved to Indiana, so after much pondering and prayer with Robert, I found another job and accepted a position with an assisted living/nursing home village called Westminster Village, which will help me use a part of my degree that I have never used before. I am really excited to gain the experience with the geriatric side of social work.
4. Robert started his 2nd semester of graduate school and has absolutely loved it. He is headed to Baltimore at the end of the month with some of his professors and other grad students for a conference that will help him gain contacts for Ph.D. programs. We'll hopefully have a better idea as to where we will go for that shortly.
5. I have learned to drive a was kind of scary for a while, but its now safe to drive on the roads here in Terre Haute at the same time as me! I much prefer the automatic and am glad that my parents taught me on an automatic, but driving a clutch isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
6. Our ward had a chili and cornbread cook off....I won the "Queen of Cornbread" award...Robert was proud!

Well, I think for the most part thats most of the major updates. I'll post some more of our wedding photos for everyone to see.