Thursday, September 18, 2008

School Happenings

Well I have been feeling a little left out. It seems that Lauren is the only one who has been updating our blog, so I thought that I would do a little of it. Last week a professor from the University of California Davis came to ISU to talk about his research. It was a great opportunity for me because I would like to work with him for my PhD. Dr. Emmons is his name and he does a lot of gratitude research, and also some research on religious and spiritual goals. I got to have a meeting with him and discuss my research and he gave me some suggestions. Hopefully this will work to my favor and help us get to a better place when the time comes for us to move.

I have been teaching a class, Research Methods in Psychology. I love teaching the class and getting to talk about research the whole time. It is hard because there are 80 people in the class. I am having to get used to not everyone liking research and students just not liking me.

I am getting ready to defend my thesis proposal here in the next little while. Hopefully I will be able to get my data collected this semester, so I can focus next semester on writing.

I guess the main thing to say is I am staying busy and enjoying school.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Really bad at blogging, but here are some updates

Okay, so I have been extremely bad at blogging, as a matter of a fact "extremely bad" doesn't even really explain how bad I have been with it. Sorry to all of you who check our blog (I don't think it's very many, so I don't think I have disappointed too many). But, I decided that after a six month hiatus it was time to update the blog. So, here is a run down of our lives over the last six months. Robert has completed his first year of grad school and we currently only have 8 more months of living here in Terre Haute (thank goodness-you can only live in the ghetto so long and then you start itching to get out-more on living in the ghetto later). Robert will finish his thesis in the spring and graduate the first weekend in May. From there we will move to wherever we get accepted into a Ph.D. program. Currently, we/he has 10 schools to apply to, mostly out west, but a few on the east coast. As for I, I am working-we have been really blessed with my job and the opprotunities it has afforded us-even Robert. My boss gave him some part time statistical work over the summer which was a really blessing. I don't remember what I wrote about in my last post (I could look-just to lazy to look back at the post) about our church callings, but Robert was called to serve as the second counselor in the stake young men's presidency and I was called over the summer to serve as the second counselor in the stake young women's presidency. It's been a real great calling...we have had a lot of fun with the youth, we just had youth conference a month ago ( pictures at the bottom) and some fun youth dances. Although, I have to say....sometimes I think to myself after these activities..."do I really want to have kids????" after thinking that I usually realize that I do want kids, I just want to send them to boarding school or live with Robert's parents once they hit the age of 13! Really though, the youth have been a real blast to be around and it's really nice to have callings that Robert and I get to do together. Okay onto other things that have taken place. ....Roberts Parents came for a visit in July and it was alot of fun to take them around to places like Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. ( Pictures posted below on our trips around these places) Also, this summer we moved to a new apartment-this is probably the best thing that happend all summer. Our last place was soooooooooooooo bad!!!!! I don't even know how to explain how bad it really was. It was a step above a trashy mobil home park-you all laugh, but I am dead serious on this. Here is a little wisdom I am passing onto you all-NEVER TAKE AN APARTMENT WITHOUT SEEING IT!!!! The time finally approached where our lease was up and so we moved. Now here is the thing...finding a good apartment in Terre Haute is like trying to find a rare precious's just doesn't happen very easily. For those of you who haven't heard me talk about Terre Haute, it is the most ghetto place I have ever lived or even really visited-this is bad because as a social worker I have seem some pretty bad places. Let me give some examples on the "ghettoness" can walk into Krogers (local grocery store) and go to the meat department and find a sign that say quote on quote "Fersh Ground Beef'"-yes folks, that "fersh ground beef" not "fresh ground beef". I have given myself the nickname of "gheto superstar" for living in this place. Okay, back to the apartment search. So Robert and I started searching for a new apartment in early summer. We looked at some 20 plus aparments and only found 3 that were decent. Now by decent, I mean that there was no little yellow sticker warning you that the house/apartment was a former meth house, no rats in the oven, and no holes in the floor. So, of the three that we found we decided on this cute little one bedroom apartment that is the top of a historic home. I don't have pictures of it but I will take some and post them for all of you to see. We've decorated it so cute and we love it. Okay here are some pictures......

Here is Robert and I at the Chicago Temple....we got to be the Witness couple that day...very cool experience.
While in Chicago we went to Navy Pier and the Chicago Children's Museum.
Here is Robert at the Children's museum playing a life size game of chess.
At Youth Conference I taught a workshop to the young women about women serving missions. Hopefully, some of them will consider serving a mission...sister missionaries are so needed-simply because they are the greatest!
Another workshop we had for the youth was a swing dance workshop. The last night of youth conference we had a band come in and had a formal dinner for the youth where after dinner they were able to show off there new swing moves while the band performed.