Thursday, April 2, 2009

Next Stop....Baylor University!

Okay, for all of you who have been waiting to find out where we are off to next, the answer is Baylor University! Robert accepted a spot in the Social Psychology Ph.D. program there this week. We are very excited about Baylor and feel like we made the right decision. He'll be working with a great professor who has a grant doing forgiveness research, the grant secures funding for him for 5 years, which is one of the great things about Baylor. He'll make each year $19,000.00, which we have been told that a yearly stipend like this in unheard of in graduate school. He was also granted a full tuition waiver for 5 years, so that saves us approx. $42,000.00 a year! The people have been so nice and on top of it at the university and that has been a nice change from some of the other universities we were considering.
Baylor is located in Waco, TX, which is about an hour and half south of Dallas/Ft. Worth area and hour or so east of Austin, TX. We're super excited about this adventure and change, and I personally am very proud of my husband of getting into such a renown school as Baylor!
More to come later......