Thursday, May 28, 2009

We're all moved in!!!!!

Well, we made it. We have been here in Waco 2 weeks tomorrow and we're all moved in!!!! I am so glad that we are done unpacking...I HATE MOVING!!!!!!!!! I think I would rather have a root canal done than move. We left Terre Haute (THANK GOODNESS...can you tell that I didn't really care for the town??) on 5/13 and got to Waco Thursday evening. Our moving truck showed up Monday so we had a fun weekend of camping out in our new home with nothing but the airbed and the kitchen stuff I brought with us just in case. Next time I am going to remember to put the camping chairs in the car with us so we have somewhere to sit until our stuff arrives. Live and Learn, right??? I have plenty of other moves I am sure to perfect the science of moving...I am not quite sure if I should be excited about this or distraught???
It took us a week to unpack the house and like 6 runs to the goodwill to get rid of crud that we brought that we should have gotten rid of before we packed it and paid to move it here. I am not posting pictures of house put together on this post. I am waiting till we get our new living room furniture. We bought new furniture last weekend but they didn't have it in stock so they had to order it for us. Once I get the living room furniture I'll post pictures of the entire house, but at least you can see what the front looks like. We love this little house! It was totally gutted out and remodeled so I feel like I am living in a brand new home, such an improvement from our little 1 bedroom apt that was the top of an old home in Terre Haute.
The other good news is that Robert and I both got jobs. I had a job interview the day after we got to Terre Haute with the State of Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services for a caseworker position and 4 days later they called and offered me the job. I had been hoping they would offer me an interview and after the interview I knew I really wanted the job. I start next week. Robert also got a job last week working for a company that organizes medical records for insurance companies. It's a good summer job for him. We've been very blessed with coming here. It's so nice when you listen to the spirit and make the right decision. We chose the best school and the best place we could have come to. We're excited to be Texans!