Friday, January 11, 2008

We Made It

Hi everyone. We made it to Terre Haute with only a few minor problems. We left on Sunday and started driving. The weather wasn't the greatest so driving through Parely's canyon wasn't too much fun, then it got a lot worse after Evanston. They closed I80 after Rawlins so we had to get a hotel in Rawlins. We wanted to make it to Sidney Nebraska. Since everyone else was also having to get a hotel all the good ones were taken. The place we had to stay in was so bad that we didn't want to even sleep on the bed. We put blankets down and slept on those. We took some video of the hotel and when we get the chance we will load it so everyone can see it. The next day they opened up I80 and we left our motel and started to drive. The roads were bad in spots, but we took it slow and got through the bad stuff. We made it all the way to Kansas City the second day it was almost 12 hours of driving. Besides stopping for gas we only stopped twice. In Kansas City we stayed in a nicer Hotel. The next day we drove the rest of the way to Terre Haute and started unpacking. It took us about a week to get totally unpacked, but we are now unpacked. I must say too that Lauren did a great job. She turned a less than great apartment into a wonderful looking place to live. We will post pictures for all to see.