Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I love Thanksgiving, it's probably one of my favorite holidays. I am not really sure why I love it so much, maybe it's all the good food, or the time cooking in the kitchen that I enjoy so much, but I am sad that it has passed now. This year's Thanksgiving was so fun! We had really good company and really good food!!!! What more can a person ask for, right?
The day started out with Robert heading to a Turkey Bowl that morning. Apparently the young men and some of the "older" men in the ward kicked Robert's butt, because he is still sore from playing. The poor kid has been sore for almost a week now from it! Despite the soreness he had a good time though. Then after the Turkey bowl our friends Dan and Lesli from the ward came over. This is kind of how the day went:

Lesli and I do the the cooking

Dan and Robert enjoyed relaxing while we were preparing the feast

This is what are hard work in the kitchen produced, Lesli and I made a great team in the kitchen!

Here are the guys doing the dishes for us girls so we could plan out super strategy for Friday morning's shopping extravaganza

Later after we had all digested our food, we went to the movies to see "The Blind Side". If you have not seen this movie, it's a must see and it's well worth the money you'll spend on the tickets! After the movie we all headed home to get a "nap" in so that we could wake up the next morning and go shopping for some awesome deals! Personally I think Lesli and I were more excited about it then the guys, but they were good sports and went with us, they benefited from it though, they got some pretty cool "toys". Sears was Robert's and mine first spot, while Dan and Lesli were holding spots at Radio Shack for us. At Sears we got a blue ray disc player and surround system (which we got the last one of...it was kind of an ordeal at Sears, that's another story for another post) and then we headed to Radio Shack to meet up with Dan & Lesli. They got a new GPS there and we got our new flat screen TV there. After Radio Shack we all headed to Target and then Kohls. After all the shopping we did we worked up an appetite and went to Panera Bread for breakfast...oh so yummy!!! After that we were all pretty dead so we went home and rested up and later that night Dan and Lesli joined us for leftovers and to watch a movie on our new awesome tv and surround sound system.
We had a great holiday and our friends Dan and Lesli made it super enjoyable! Thanks guys for a great and memorable Thanksgiving!

Oh, here is a picture of our new "toy"