Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for a Face Lift!

I have missed my goal for the last couple of weeks for blogging. I was trying to think tonight why I haven't really met my goal. As I thought about it, it comes down to this....I am just being lazy! I chose to do other things than meet my goal. So, in an effort to energize me and not make me lazy with this goal of mine to blog once a week, I decided to give the blog a face lift! I figured if I could intensify the "cuteness" of this blog, than maybe I would be more excited to look at it and blog. It really needed it anyways... it was getting kind of dull and plain. It's like when you look through your closet and you realize you are sick of your clothes and everything makes you look like "Plain Jane", so you have to go get a new cute outfit to make things not seem so plain and dull! So, I went and I got the blog a cute new outfit. I plan on adding "accessories" to this new cute outfit as the weeks stay tuned to see the rest of the face lift!
Just to give you all a little preview of accessories to be added...Robert and I are having family photos done this weekend, I hope to use those to add to the banner.

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Lesli said...

Lauren! I love the blog it is so cute! I just posted about Thanksgiving! again thanks for all you did! It was awesome. hopefully see you soon!!